ROZENBROOD | Picturing the future is a studio for trendresearch, prognoses, strategies and scenario’s. The name in Dutch means ‘bread made from roses’ and is symbolic for the company’s intention to imbue today’s daily life with tomorrow’s inspiration to create a better future.

The people behind ROZENBROOD are Djenny Brugmans & Nanon Soeters. Djenny Brugmans is an artist, graphic designer, trend watcher and strategy developer. Nanon Soeters is an art historian, management consultant, trend watcher and concept stylist. Together they use their ability to interpret images to communicate with their clients about the values today’s consumers have, and the value changes that are bound to happen in the future. Based on these values they inspire and help their clients to develop new projects and services.

ROZENBROOD gives clients access to general trends, or trends in more specific fields, for periods from the present up to 10-15 years. The means to provide access to the trends are:
trend presentations in general, or for a specific field or specific company

  • scenario development for new concepts
  • strategy counselingworkshops on processing the information provided by a trend presentation or on trend spotting
  • interactive lectures on trend watching as a tool.

The trendpresentations tell a story both in images and in the verbal explanation that goes with it. Due to their cultural background Brugmans en Soeters have a strong preference for imagery derived from the art- & design world. To relate the story to the reality of today, they also use images from websites, magazines, newspapers et cetera.

Our clients are as diverse as our scope is. They are companies in all sizes, federations, government on all levels as well as universities, colleges and non-profit organisations.To name some:
De Kweker (Food Wholesale) | Stylingacademy Artemis | Holland Casino | Van Gogh Museum | The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague | Rai/ Horecava (National Fair on hotels, restaurants and cafes) | Ministry of Social Affairs | University of Twente.

Apart from ROZENBROOD | Picturing the future Brugmans and Soeters are also the driving forces behind:

  • the ROZENBROOD Trendacademy. This 18 week course will teach you how to think and work like a trendwatcher. On request it is available in English and incompany.
  • TrendConsult. A quick test for new products and services: how are they going to hold up to prevailing trends? You get to use the brain of one of ROZENBROOD’s trendwatchers for 3 hours.
  • TrendConnection: a platform for young trendwatchers to get their presentation out in the world. At the same time a platform for companies who want a fresh story.Want to know more? Please contact us!