The Trendacademy course is presently given in the Netherlands in Dutch.
Would you like to do the course in English? If you form a group of eight to ten we are happy to teach you too. At our own location In Amsterdam or at your company’s location.
Want to do the course abroad? We can come to you, or make a combination of webinars and pressure cooker meetings at your location.
Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

The Trendacademy is not a building as the academies of old are. It is a training programm to teach you both in theory and practice what trend watching is.
The teachers are Djenny Brugmans and Nanon Soeters of ROZENBROOD Prognosis & Strategy. They firmly believe that anyone can be a trendwatcher and that the future is already visible in the world around us.
As teachers they open your eyes for these signals and help you to understand them. So you can never not see them again!


The standard Trendacademy program consists of three modules. They are thematic building blocks that :
– help you understand how you can use today’s visual culture both as an information source and as a medium for presenting your vision on the future
– enable you to experiment with the kind of trendimplementation that suits you
– offer you guidance in building a professional trend presentation.
The Trendacademy has its residence in Amsterdam, but can also be held in company. The standard program can be adjusted according to the specific goals of the company.


– There is a maximum of 12 people per group.
– Every lesson has theoretical presentation and 1 or 2 work sessions, either with the group as a whole or in smaller groups.
– The ROZENBROOD trendwatchers share their own work experience.
– Every module has at least 1 guest speaker.
– The participants conclude every module with a trend presentation to prove they have internalized the information and to show how they put it into practice.

Are you interested to participate? Please contact us for an intake interview!