Millennials put question marks on current liberal democracies. A democracy in which they have been growing up. They express this by a long and painful silence: not voting and not letting their voice be heard on crucial moments. But this is shifting. They kept silent because politicians do not meet their promises. And they have their doubts: Does my vote have real influence anyway?

The current way liberal democracy is currently functioning relates more to Capitalism, than to the real essence of Democracy. Millennials are over Capitalism. That is why the Millennials look for other ways of governing. They look for a sustainable economy, universal basic income, involvement and transparency in governance structures. Millennials also experiment with new technologies like block chain, AI, etcetera.


New leaders
Role models used to be Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. For Millennials the top 3 is: Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. All three are self-made men.

Millennials have more respect for entrepreneurs than FOR WHATEVER political, spiritual and / or revolutionary leader


In combination with that they have never known a time where living in freedom was not the case. That is why they like leaders with a lot of decisiveness. But the shadow side of this, is that some of those type of leaders have authoritarian, totalitarian and narcissistic traits.


Go, start doing
Millennials used to be blamed of dreaming of an ideal world. Bringing up great ideas, expecting others to execute. Often Millennials are seen like they feel like unicorns. But the world is less glamourous than it looks on social media.

They start seeing and experiencing that themselves now. Millennials are becoming the majority of the workforce and the majority of decision makers. It is time to stop talking about great ideas. Let’s go and start doing! Fix current direction to a Mad Max’-style individualism!


Sicco Maathuis | Sergeant Seamless